Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mending Fences...

Just finished reading the book 'When Godly People Do Ungodly Things' by Beth is truly changing my life. I so wish I had read it a few years ago. The second section in the book discusses practical ways to arm yourself as a Christian from attacks of the enemy. The author compares our lives to a fence. She explains that, when we are sanctified believers in Christ with the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us, the enemy can not get inside our 'fence'....unless he is let in. She talks about how the enemy will plant temptations just outside our 'fence' and if we don't deal with those things they just grow and eventually damage our fence, thus allowing a place for the enemy to enter's an excerpt from the chapter;

"..Satan first lays the groundwork. He subtly planted something that appears small, as close to the fence line as possible. Over the course of time, the roots and branches strengthen, and the fence begins to dislodge. The lion gets in the yard, and often by the time we look up, he's devouring something precious. Relationships, integrity, the respect of our children, our finances, our security, our own self-respect, etc. And all because we didn't deal with the damage to our fence."

As I read the pages of this book, I could literally replay the events in my own life, current and past, and see the things that I missed....the places I went wrong. Without overdoing it or telling too much more, I just want to show you the titles of the chapters in the second section of the book...remember, it is telling practical ways to 'seduce-proof' your own life...

     II. The Watchman
          Chapter 6 - Seduce Proofing Our Lives
          Chapter 7 - The Safe House of Love
          Chapter 8 - See-through Lives (yeah, I know!)
          Chapter 9 - Warm Hearts, Wise Heads
          Chapter 10 - Clean Ties (dealing with co-dependent/messy relationships)
          Chapter 11 - Strong Walls & Secret Places

I am so thankful that this book was suggested to me. Read it. Soon. I promise you will be glad you did.

Mending my fence.....


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