Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I dream of a place...a place where love is a universal language
a world where hate is nonexistent....a place where children aren't abused and mothers aren't left alone.
      where no one is left out and everyone belongs
a place where cancer is a foreign word and babies don't die....
      where not one more mother has to long to hear her baby cry...
a place where we don't hurt one another...where friends are forever.
       where promises are real and marriages stay together
a place where you never have to worry about mistakes from your past
        where relationships and homes are built to last
a place where words spoken can be easily forgotten and each day is better than the days gone by
        where people were never broken and patience never tried
a place where the only tears shed are tears of happiness...loneliness doesn't prevail
         where honesty, faith and reputation are never for sale
a place where we get better as we get older...the aging mother never forgets her children or their names
          where the elderly widow and teenage girl overlook differences and see how much they are the same
a place where flowers and sunsets still bring smiles...and listening to a child laugh brings joy to the soul
          where people are simple, and happy and healthy and whole.
a place where hearts aren't ripped apart and taped back up
           where we never have to drink from a bitter cup
I dream of this place, yet when I awake...a small voice reminds me that it's not only a dream. I have a place awaiting me with all of these things. I have a world that holds all of my dreams, all of my hope, that captures my hurt and catches my tears....a world just waiting for me to get there! But for now, I'll dream this dream....I'll spread His hope and show His love in things i say and do....because i know that this dream that i dare to dream really will one day come true..

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