Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scarlet Red (Joshua Study Post 7)

Scarlet Red

Read Joshua 2:14-20

In these verses we find out that the spies make a promise to Rahab. They promise her that as long as she protects them that they will return the favor. All she has to do is leave the scarlet rope hanging from her window and her and everyone in her home will live. Life for life.

Now, today, I want to focus on something a little different. I want to focus on the rope.  I (and I pray you too!) believe that every word in the Bible is alive. I believe every word was breathed & inspired by God. I also believe that every detail in the Word has a meaning. I don't believe that it is just coincidence or happenstance that this rope was red...scarlet red. This Scarlet Red, the color of blood, is woven through the history of God's people. It begins with the first animal sacrifice in the Garden of Eden. Made by God Himself to cover Adam & Eve's nakedness and restore fellowship with Him. Later on the blood of the ram took the place of Isaac, Abraham's beloved son, on the altar of sacrifice. We see this scarlet thread woven through time into the captivity in Egypt when the River Nile turned Blood Red. We see it again on the day that the door posts are stained with the lambs' blood so that God would passover the homes and spare the Hebrews' firstborn sons. We see it at the dripping altars of sacrifice made to atone for the sins of a wandering people. We see it again and  again....over and over, even up to the ultimate scarlet red sacrifice of Jesus' blood. I can not accept that God did not intentionally do this to show us something.

These spies found shelter in the home of Rahab, a "scarlet woman," who heard what the God of Israel had done when he parted the Red Sea, how blood had covered the battlefield when the Israelites encountered the Amorites. This courageous (remember COURAGE we talked about a few posts ago??) woman was protected by the scarlet cord and ultimately became part of the BLOODLINE of Jesus Christ.

Artists know that red is a dominant color. Even a small drop in a painting will draw attention in its direction. Rahab tossed out a scarlet cord to capture the spies attention and proclaim; SAVE THIS HOUSE!!
In somewhat the same manner, God threw out the scarlet lifeline, through Jesus' blood on the cross to capture our attention. He offers us the opportunity to be covered by that scarlet blood. By doing so, we then capture His attention and proclaim to Him; SAVE THIS SINNER!! Accepting that opportunity and being washed in that blood allows the Father to see us transformed from scarlet red into pure white!

Thank God for His redeeming blood! I know that it has been my source of hope on many occasions. Just knowing that His scarlet blood was shed for me is more than my heart can hold! what a joy and honor to be His child!! Let me hear your thoughts and insights on this topic! I love hearing what all of you have to say.

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