Monday, October 17, 2011

Joshua Study Post 2

Equipped through Experience....
Read Joshua 1:2

We didn't get very far into the text yesterday and we aren't going to get very far today... :) I promise we'll move along more quickly after the first week!Just  lots speaking to me here in the beginning!

So, we read in verse 2 that God chose and called (literally) Joshua to become the next leader of the Hebrew people. This wasn't unexpected nor was Joshua unprepared for it. The people were aware, they knew that Joshua would be their new leader (Num 27:18-19) Even so, I have to believe that Joshua may have been a little intimidated. We are talking a group of possibly close to 2 million people here!! I'm sure Joshua spent quite a bit of time wondering how he was going to manage as a leader. If Joshua is like us (though not a woman :) lol) he may have battled some insecurity with being prepared for what lay before him. That's what I want to talk about today. If we look back in the history of Joshua's ministry to Moses, we see that all along, throughout his life experiences, God was preparing Joshua for his role as leader to the Hebrew people. He had life experience in battle,        (Ex 17:8-13), He had life experience meeting with God (Ex 33:7-11), He had life experience in being persecuted for his faith (Num 14:6-9)...All of these things that Joshua went through, while not always ideal or comfortable, were necessary. They were necessary to equip him for the role that he would fill in the future. God was preparing him all along for a greater purpose. His pain, his persecution were all for a greater purpose!

I'm convinced that God still does this in our lives today. I believe that He is preparing each and every one of us, just as He did Joshua, for a greater purpose. The trials we live through. The circumstances we face. The hurt we endure...He can use it all! I ask you...think back over your life. Think about the things that you have been through. Good and bad. Now look at where you are today. Can you see how God was preparing you? Can you see His fingerprints on those things? Maybe not. Maybe you are not where you are purposed to be yet....maybe you are in the middle of a Joshua "life experience". If so, try to look at it with this perspective. Instead of a trial...consider it training.

Lord, I ask you to bless each and every woman in this study group. I ask that You surround them with Your love and Your grace. God, help all of us to be like Joshua when we are faced with the trials of this life. Don't let us be like the Israelites who are so quick to give up and walk out on the promises that we have in You. In every circumstance help us to consider the purpose and not focus on the pain. Hlelp us, through this study, learn to live a life without fear in You! I love you, Lord! Amen (So be it!)


  1. When we allow God to guide our path, we can let go of fear, as we gain faith instead by trusting in Him. Not necessarily easy, but certainly possible by leaning on the Lord and His strength, not ours.

    From fear to faith = trusting in God.

  2. Misty, I am honored that you're following See Beautiful. I was happy to find you and learn about the wonderful ways you're helping so many others see beautiful through their faith. I'm so happy to connect!