Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Joshua Study Post 5

Friends on the Frontline....

Read Joshua 1:10-15

Here we pick up with God speaking to Joshua and telling him it is time. The people are finally ready to cross over into their Promised Land. After hearing from God, Joshua calls the leaders of the tribe and tells them to spread the word to their people that they have 3 days to prepare. Just 3 days until they were ready to move into the blessing that God has promised them.

*just a quick side note here that I found interesting, the number 3, scripturally speaking, represents completion: of time; Jesus spent 3 days in the tomb, Moses was hidden from Pharaoh for 3 months & of person; Noah's 3 sons, Abraham's 3 visitors and the most profound, the Holy Trinity. I believe that everything that is in God's word is there for a reason. The fact that He gave the Israelite people 3 days to prepare tells me that their journey was undoubtedly COMPLETE. They had come to the place that He had prepared for them! I love how the Word ties things like that together!!*

Take note in verse 11 that there is a process, a chain of command, if you will, to how instruction is handled. God instructs Joshua. Joshua instructs the leaders. The leaders instruct the people. The people enter into the Promised Land. I believe this applies to us today as well. The Word says that our God is a God of order (1 Cor. 14:33). Many times, God speak through the one He sent, be it a Pastor or other spiritual leader and then they instruct leaders and leaders are to instruct the people.  Too many times, we get this all wrong. Either leaders distort what God says or followers don't care who said what, they aren't moving until they get ready....How often do you think we spend another year wandering in the desert when we could be enjoying the blessings of God just because we don't want to follow His plan of Godly leadership?? (another side note, lol)

In verse 12-15 we see that God calls upon the tribes of Gad  & Reuben & the half tribe of Manasseh to be true to their word. (Num 32:16) They had promised Moses that if he would allot them the land on the East side of the Jordan River that they would lead their fellow Israelites through battle until they had fully laid claim to the land that God had promised them on the other side of the Jordan River. The tribe of Gad, Reuben and half tribe of Manasseh had already been blessed greatly! They had already started building homes for their families and pens for their livestock. Their futures were looking great. They could have easily just decided to sit back and enjoy their blessings. However, I feel that God uses this situation to show us that we are blessed to bless others. This verse, i believe, urges us to remember that we are all part of the same body! God blesses us, and YES He wants us to enjoy those blessings, but He also wants us to use them to proclaim His glory. We are not to just sit back and enjoy our blessings and retire from the fight because we got ours! We still have work to do! If we ever forget that, we are in danger of losing the very things that we are sitting back and enjoying (Job 1:21). He blesses us so that we can be a blessing!

Just like the tribes of Gad, Reuben and half tribe of Manasseh, we are called to fight for one another. In our world today, we may not be called to fight physically for one another. We may not have to don body armor or swords to help each other defeat our enemies, but that doesn't make us any less responsible! We CAN and should be fighting for each other spiritually. We should be covering our brothers and sisters in prayer "until the Lord gives them rest". We should be fighting for them on our knees. Donning ourselves with the armor of God and helping them fight their enemies in the spiritual realm! What a great, humbling responsibility!!


  1. Hi Misty! Thanks for following my blog! You have some great insight into the scripture. Thank you for sharing. I especially love the part about 3 being the number of completion. Things like that bring the bible to life for me as well. Keep it up!
    Love your sister in Christ;)

  2. Thanks so much, Faith! I really enjoyed your blog as well. I am trying to get better about posting more regularly...we shall see how that goes, lol :D thanks again!