Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Grace

Finding a whole new reason to be thankful for grace... a whole new reason to be overwhelmed by the child born on Christmas day so many years ago. If i'm honest, this year doesn't feel the same. The hustle and bustle, the excitement....i really don't feel any of it. The strange thing being that, still, if feels more like Christmas than ever before..just in a different way. so many things going on in my life, the latest being the loss my last grandparent yesterday. He is celebrating the ultimate Christmas season.....While my mind is bombarded with a million thoughts of life and it's current events, it is impossible for me to go a day this time of year, especially now, without considering the reason that I celebrate. The reason why this innocent baby, born in such extreme circumstances...in such a lowly environment, to such humble parents is still and always will be my reason for pressing on. The grace that comes from the death of the man this baby became is my reason for celebrating this year....i celebrate His birth. I celebrate His resurrection from death....but more than anything, this year, i celebrate His grace. I could not take another step, another breath without it.
Brokeness is such a unique place...it is where you hurt more than ever before, but are healed beyond where you ever thought you could be...while not the Christmas I would hope to have, i will still celebrate, humbly, His Grace.

Merry Christmas.

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