Monday, January 25, 2016


So, my husband is teaching a series to our youth group entitled 'Best Year Ever'. It inspired me to write about 10 things I could do to help make this year the best year ever for me! :) The series focuses on the life of Joseph (the coat one, not Jesus' daddy) and has been amazing so far!

So, here's my list...Just random, no specific order, not too much thought. Just the first things that come to my head;
  1. Study scripture more
    • don't insert 'read bible more' here. I read my bible often. Almost everyday. But I think there are things that can only be stored in your heart from truly studying the Word. I am not the greatest student. Classrooms are not my friend and sitting still for long periods of time is tough for me. I have began researching creative ways to enhance bible study. I'll share on here, maybe when I hone this skill!
  2. Wake up earlier
    • I'm putting this on the list begrudgingly. I hate mornings! Wait.... no I don't. I love the idea of mornings. Fresh start, blessed to be alive, sun coming up type of thing. I think it should be more that I hate getting out of bed. That's the problem. I become one with my bed covers and feel sad leaving them. I think they need me to keep them warm.
  3. Meal Planning
    • Not the weight loss kind (though that will be mentioned in the list somewhere, I'm sure). But the kind where you plan out your meals for the week before you go to the grocery store. The kind that keeps you from having to go to the grocery store every day. That kind.
  4. Write More
    • Working on that. Obvs.
  5. Make Date Night a Priority
    • With 3 kids, including an infant, date nights have become few and far between. Thing is, I know how important they are for a relationship. I know that mamas and daddy's need adult time. I've been slacking. 
  6. Exercise More
    • Isn't this on everyone's list? But for real, I gotta get back in to shape.... or at least enough where I can fit my pre-baby clothes comfortably! Thing is, I love to run. I just gotta make the time.
  7. Be Intentional About "Unplugged" Family Time
    • Now that we have a pre-teen and a tween in the fam, I often look around and notice that while we are supposed to be spending time together, we are all lit up with that electronic glow on our faces. Me included!! With iphones and ipods rolling with Ista or Facebook or outside communication, we may be in the same room, but we are def not spending time together. I want to change that. 
  8. Listen More. Talk Less
    • This has been a long-standing problem for me. I don't mean to interrupt. I blame it on my brain. It moves  so fast that sometimes something flies out of my mouth before I have time to stop it, lol. I have to intentionally tell myself to listen and not think. I find myself thinking of my response while I should be listening to the remainder of what someone is saying... I can admit my faults. #workingonit 
  9. Do More Random Acts of Kindness
    • These don't have to be hard. I have seen firsthand how much the smallest gesture can help brighten someone's day. Doesn't have to cost a dime. The list could go on and on. Just being nice can make a change in someone's day. I am making it a goal to do at least one nice thing everyday.
      • hold open a door for the person behind you
      • pick up a piece of trash you walk past
      • offer to help someone carrying a lot of things (groceries, books, etc)
      • by someone's meal behind you in the drive thru
      • leave a couple quarters at the laundry mat
      • text someone just to let them know you are thinking about them.
  10. Make Time to Read
    • I love to read! The problem is *finding the time to sit down and do it. *read making time to do it. I clearly have time... have you seen how much I post on facebook and insta?? :) Honestly, I do have time that I could be reading instead of vegging out on the couch mindlessly scrolling through the book of faces. I just have to discipline myself to do it. Changing habits... that's what I'm planning for 2016. 
If you read this whole thing, God bless you! Sometimes my brain wanders and rambles and I wonder if stuff even makes sense. But it gets it out of my head to make room for more! May 2016 be your Best.Year.Ever!! And in the words of my girl this morning "May the Will of God Keep You and the Grace of God Protect You." Blessings!!

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  1. I'm fairly certain one of us is the others clone. We think so much alike!!!! I'm enjoying your blog.