Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Celebrating LOVE

So, here we are, at the month that celebrates 1 Corinthians 13. My favorite time of year! I love LOVE!! I wanted to do something very special to celebrate my sweetheart this year. As I was thinking about this, I came across a blog called Inspired To Action. It has a resource section and there I found a Calendar for praying daily for your husband. What better way to celebrate LOVE??

Everyday for the month of Feburary I will be praying a specific, focused prayer for my husband. I will document and post here on my blog so that others can join in praying for their spouses, if they would like to, and so that I can go back and see the prayers that are answered as we journey through this. I am SO excited to see what God is going to do in his life, and in our life as a couple!

My husband is an amazing man of God, who loves me so much! We have an extraordinary relationship that goes beyond anything that words can describe. He is my rock. My best friend. My Prince Charming and my Hero. I couldn't ask for a greater person to share life with! At times we have walked a rocky road, but I am believing in God for a complete restoration and a renewed spirit in our marriage covenant. Complete healing from hurts and pure and unconditional love. I am declaring this to be a new start for us. I am declaring that, with God's help, we will turn all of our pain into PURPOSE! I am believing that God is going to use what we would call 'ashes' and turn it into something beautiful! Love Never Fails!!!!

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