Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snuggle Buggle

My Snuggle Buggle, bestest little friend, my little girl,
Big and beautiful, your brown eyes always shine
every time I look into them, I thank God that you are mine.
Brought into this world a shining light,
your smile makes even my weariest days seem so bright.
Sassy and sweet, compassionate and fun
you have your whole life ahead of you, you've only begun.
I want to hold you in my arms and never let you go
but the day that I will have to do just that will come all too soon, I know
I wish I could protect you from all of life's moments that will cause you pain
I wish I knew I would never have to see you suffer a heartache or go through things I can't explain
But, no matter how tight I hold on, I know those days will come too
So, I just have to trust God and know that He is there and loves you even more than I do.
While we are trusting and waiting and growing, my Roo
there is just one thing Mommy needs you to do
Will you, please, hold on to me as I hold you tight?
Some days Mommy needs your sweet hugs to make everything right.
No matter what this crazy life brings, on all the good and bad days
You will still be my Snuggle Buggle, forever and always!
I love you, Baby Girl!

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